David Hixon


2018 / Honorable Mention Mono Vision Photography Awards

2017 / Honorable Mention in 12th Annual Black & White Spider photography Awards

2017 / Nominee in 3rd Fine Art Photography Awards

2016 / Nominee, Fine Art Photography Awards

2016 / 2 Honorable Mentions Monochrome Photography Awards

2016 / Honorable Mention ND Awards

2016 / Nominee in 11th Annual Black & White Spider photography Awards

2016 / Two Honorable Mentions IPA Photography Awards

2016 / 2nd Monochrome Photography Awards Fine Art category

2016 / Honorable Mentions Monochrome Photography Awards

2015 / Nominee in 10th Annual Black & White Spider photography Awards

2015 / Honorable Mentions ND Awards

2014 / 2nd Monochrome Photography Awards Photo Manipulation category

2014 / Honorable Mentions IPA Photography Awards

2011 / 1st place Dartmoor 60th anniversary photography competition


I'm a graphic designer by profession, after becoming a qualified graphic designer from Plymouth College of Art & Design in the late 90s. I started at Scriptit Ltd as a junior designer and over the years I started getting involved with photography first as a hobby but in recent years it's been a developing passion.


It was only a matter of time before I fell into this area of photography even if I hadn’t been influenced by others. This is mainly down to my graphic design training where I discovered a particular talent for a style called White space or Negative space as it's better know as, which is simply the referring to the area around and between the objects (main subjects) in an image. To me, a minimalist photograph is one that conveys a scene using as few elements as necessary. Photos which hopefully convey the emotion of the scene being captured.


I like to think the future holds fame and fortune, but I’ll settle for fortune. It is my hope that as time goes on that my overall technical and photographic proficiency will greatly improve and hopefully with that might come a reputation and a high standing in the photographic community and the wider world in general. Whether this happens or not, who can say, but that’s what I hope the future of photography holds for me.

To see more photography from me, why not visit my Flickr photostream or my Facebook page

Nisi UK Official Photographer